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  • Healthy Soil

    Achieve Optimum Soil Health

    Get a soil test to find out what is missing from your soil and how to fix it to achieve optimum soil health. Read more

  • Broadacre

    The Broadacre Program

    Scientifically formulated to transform broadacre plant production. Read more

  • Horticulture

    The Horticulture Program

    Has an impressive history in helping growers achieve increases in robustness, quality and yield. Read more

  • Pasture

    The Pasture Program

    Scientifically designed to maximise your pasture's performance. Read more

  • Orchards and berries

    The Orchard and Berries Program

    Improve size, fruit setting, texture and firmness. Read more

  • Why use Petrik?

    Why Use Petrik?

    We rebuild soil structure, eliminate soil compaction and activate your soil fertility to increase yield and profit. Read more

  • Soil health

    How Does Petrik Work?

    By stimulating plant microbe interaction and humus creation we create a system that drives its own nutrient supply. Read more

Advanced Biological Products for Australian Farmers

Petrik Soil Technology has a range of advanced biological products that achieve impressive yield, quality and financial gains for Australian growers.

Our range of soil inoculants and foliar sprays will lift whole system productivity and profit. In Australia we have proven results across all soil types and cropping systems - in pasture, broadacre and horticulture.

Our extensive experience in integrating biological techniques into large-scale conventional farming systems is helping some of Australia's largest producers achieve significant productivity gains. The combination of advanced products and agronomy experience of Australian soils is helping farmers achieve whole system gains.

  • Activating nutrient availability and plant growth
  • Improving water infiltration and rooting depth
  • Building disease resilience and stress recovery into the system

Our products are biological, organic, sustainable and work with conventional farming products and systems to boost productivity and profit.

We are dedicated to advanced agricultural practices and have partnered with the University of Sydney to continually advance our research.