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Cattle Pasture / Beef Farming

Cattle pasture / beef farming

Soil health plays a major role in achieving maximum productivity in cattle pasture systems and beef farming. At Petrik Soil Technology we pay a lot of attention to soil health, soil structure, trace elements and soil biology and chemical balance.

One of the biggest problems facing Australian beef farmers is soil compaction. Our soil biostimulant Evergreen with its activator Green Manure Plus are highly effective in pasture systems on Australian soils. The formulations specifically address the problem of compaction and work to create stable humus which is the basis for system health, fertility and productivity.

Evergreen loosens the soil and allows increased water infiltration, penetration by roots and, very importantly, brings back biological activity and worms. This, in turn, improves the growth rate and digestible fibre within the pasture which then improves the rate at which edibile stock becomes ready for market.

Because the soil stimulants contain phosphorus solubalising and nitrogen fixing microbes, we often can modify your fertiliser program depending on the results of your soil test. We work across diverse systems from full organic to high intensity beef - using our program in their production system because it achieves better production with reduced inputs and improved herd health.

NSW grazier and farmer John Cordingley cut his fertiliser bill by 60% since he started using our soil health program a few years ago. Stewart Bulmer at Bolivia Station now grazes more than double the number of animals on the same area of land since we started agronomy in his system.

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