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Healthy Garden Soil

Healthy garden soil

Healthy garden soil is alive and teeming with millions of micro-organisms. These microbes play a key role in soil health and in making nutrients accessible to plants.

Unfortunately most garden soils are deficient in the healthy micro-organisms and nutrients that plants need to fully thrive. Whenever you have poor soil, plant growth, flowering and fruiting will always be compromised.

Common soil problems in home gardens include:

  • Poor water infiltration.
  • Lack of soil structure that limits the depth of root growth.
  • Reduced nutrient availability for plants.
  • Poor humus and vitality in soil.

Improving the health of your garden is easy with the help of the Petrik Soil Technology range of organic garden products.

Our scientifically formulated organic products add healthy and diverse microbes back into the soil, balancing it and creating the all important humus in your soil. Our products activate systems that occur naturally in fertile, healthy garden soil and help you:

  • Improve plant growth.
  • Boost fruit and flower quality.
  • Increase plant robustness and reduce disease.
  • Reduce the impact of drought, frost and environmental stress.
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Are your products Organic?
Yes, our products are “Australian Organic Registered” which gives you confidence when using them on edible gardens, vegetables and fruit trees.

Why use organic, biological products?
For plants to grow, flower and fruit to optimum quality they need a combination of the right chemistry, biology and environmental factors. The biological needs are the most overlooked aspects of home gardening yet they are easy to rectify with our unique range of products. Our microbial products will help you create the all-important humus in your soil giving enormous benefits that include: Increased water penetration into soil Increased root depth of plants and nutrient uptake. Increased quality and resistance to disease in your plants. Increased fruit quality and flower budding. Increased flourishing and increased growth

Can I use fertiliser with Petrik products?
Yes you can. However, we find time and time again that as the Petrik microbiology starts to improve your soil, the need for chemical inputs that you may currently be using will decrease. This is because the microbiology increases the availability and uptake of chemicals from the soil. We recommend any fertilizer is applied in a separate application to Petrik garden products

Can I still use manure?
Yes, manure further supports the Petrik garden products. When you use manure, you also improve phosphorus efficiency.

Why do I need both Soil Boost and SOILBOOST Activate?
You need to also use SOILBOOST Activate as it is vital to activate the microbes in SOILBOOST. These 2 products should only be put together in water at the point you are going to use them.

How often should I apply products?
Apply SOILBOOST every 4-6 months. Apply ROOTBOOST during seeding and transplanting. Apply PLANTBOOST (the leaf spray) every month or when plants are under stress.