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Applying Petrik Soil Technology to the Home Garden

Home gardening

Applying Petrik Soil Technology to your garden is easy. Our products are soil or foliar (leaf) sprayed. Application instructions differ for each product but generally you will require a simple hand held sprayer or watering can into which you mix the Petrik Soil Technology products and some water. Then you either water directly onto the soil as a soil drench or spray directly onto the leaves of your plants.

Mix Just Before Use

SOILBOOST and SOILBOOST Activate are always used together. Only mix with water just before use. Always shake products well before mixing. Don't leave the mix of Petrik products in a sprayer for more than 24 hours.

Remove Chlorine From Water

Use tank or rain water if possible (as it has no chlorine in it). If using town water you can dechlorinate by simply leaving the water to stand overnight (to evaporate the chlorine). Or add a 250mg vitamin C tablet for every 25 litres of chlorinated water and stir for 2 minutes - this will also remove chlorine!

Use Wide Spray Setting

If applying by spray application, make sure you set the nozzle in a wide/open position to ensure the microorganisms are not damaged during spraying.

Reseal Immediately After Use

Petrik products have a long shelf life if they are not exposed to air for extended periods. Always reseal immediately after use.

Ensure Soil Products Are Washed Into Soil

Apply SOILBOOST and SOILBOOST Activate with lots of water and wash well into the soil. Even better, apply during rain. You can also spray the SOILBOOST mixture directly onto manure before spreading it out.