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On-Site Soil Testing

Get your soil tested scientifically and receive a comprehensive Soil Health Report.

Call Total Grower Services on 1800 229 994 to arrange for a highly trained soil testing consultant to visit your property and conduct soil tests. At a fee, an agronomist will visit your property and collect soil samples from the paddocks you want tested or from a cross section of your entire farm. While at your farm, the agronomist will find out as much as they can about your crops, stock, fertiliser regime and current farming practices.

Comprehensive Soil Health Report

Your soil will be sent to an independent lab for analysis. The data is then analysed using two comprehensive processes - an interpretation using Albrecht analysis and a biological interpretation conducted by Total Grower Services.

You will then receive a clear and comprehensive Soil Health Report detailing the nutritional amendments required to improve productivity including: macro chemical elements, trace elements and biological elements.

Soil health report Sample report issued by Total Grower Services
Inspecting a soil sample
Inspecting a soil sample
Soil test samples