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DIY Soil Submission - Our Online Soil Testing Service

Petrik Soil Technology recommends the soil testing services of TOTAL GROWER SERVICES. Their DIY soil submission service will analyse your soil and provide you with a complete SOIL HEALTH REPORT. Their agronomists are trained in integrating Petrik soil inoculants into nutrition programs in cost effective ways to maximise productivity.

For on farm visits and soil testing refer to our distributors or Total Grower Services locations.

Why Get Your Soil Tested

Productivity requires soil to be healthy and balanced. Much of the soils used for agriculture and gardens in Australia has limitations and deficiencies. Taking a simple soil test and analysing exactly what your soil needs allows you to address the limitations with specific inputs – maximising plant performance without wasting money on unnecessary inputs.

Soil Health Report

Your soil health report provides you with detailed and advanced interpretation:

  • It evaluates the levels of essential elements in your soil, highlighting limitations that need addressing for plant growth, health and productivity.
  • It analyses both the absolute and relative element levels in your soil.
  • It includes a soil amendment report; with specific recommendations about how to improve soil health and optimise productivity.
  • It highlights specific trace element requirements and includes Petrik Soil Technology biological amendment assessments.

This is the same soil test service we provide to our larger clients but minus the cost of an on-site consultation.

The Steps

The online soil testing service involves 5 steps:

  • 1. Order and pay for LAB ANALYSIS.
  • 2. Soil submission forms will be emailed to you. Once you have collected your soil samples, these need to be taped to the bags of soil.
  • 3. Collect soil (click here for instructions) and place in a zip lock bag, double sealed with tape!
  • 4. Send samples to lab address as per email.
  • 5. After approximately 10 working days you receive your SOIL ANALYSIS and SOIL HEALTH REPORT.


An Advanced Soil Interpretation Service

Total Grower Services provide all our Soil Testing, Soil Health Reports and Agronomy services. The TGS team of research agronomists provides a leading interpretation service. They use Albrecht maths and are certified in Petrik Soil Technology analysis techniques.

Order an Online Soil Test
Send your samples to our lab and receive a soil health amendement report from Total Grower Services in your email.
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