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Organic Fertiliser

Organic fertiliser
Petrik Soil Technology has an extensive range of organic fertilisers that are Australian Organic Certified. Our advanced bio-stimulants are for soil and foliar application and can be used in broadacre, pasture, horticulture, orchards, turf systems and home gardening.

Our organic fertiliser products are used in both organic and mainstream agriculture. A huge number of mainstream non organic growers use our range of biological inputs for their productivity advantages – for some growers the organic and sustainable nature of the products is a bonus, whereas for others it is core to how they farm.

Advanced organic fertilizer products are sought after in organic horticulture as they meet the required certification standards and give growers distinct system advantages. The biological soil inoculants directly impact the health of the soil as well as the health of the plants and crop quality – meeting the bottom line on so many levels – environmentally, sustainability, profitability, health and quality.

The Petrik Soil Technology organic fertiliser range has a reputation in assisting growers on numerous levels:

  • Building resilience in the system.
  • Managing plant disease.
  • Improving soil structure and water infiltration.
  • Lifting fruit size and quality.
  • Improving packing robustness.

Smarter Farming

We are proud to be leading the way in sustainable and environmentally sound agricultural practices on a large-scale production level.

With many of our farmers and growers living near key waterways and reef areas of Australia, farm inputs can end up directly in these waterways. We are committed to being REEF SAFE and RIVERWAY SAFE, helping growers achieve advanced productivity without the environmental footprint.

We know we can increase your productivity without continual additional input. We have extensive experience in lifting soil health in large-scale agriculture to increase nutrient availability. With the use of Petrik organic soil inputs we can access phosphorus and nitrogen from the soil and create a soil microbial interface that allows the plant to drive its own nutrient uptake.

The Petrik soil inoculants contain microbiological formulations that increase nutrient uptake, thus reducing the need for excess fertilizer inputs. This is key when fertiliser run-off is an overriding environmental concern.