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Achieving Optimum Soil Health

Achieving Optimum Soil Health
Achieving optimum soil health with Petrik Soil Technology is easy. We offer a complete solution for all your soil health needs. From obtaining your first soil test, getting recommendations from our agronomists, to purchasing our products online we make it easier to achieve optimum soil health.

Soil health underpins everything we do at Petrik Soil Technology. The vitality, health and structure of your soil drives the performance and profit of your whole agricultural system.

The core of our focus in soil performance is:

  • Humus creation for soil vitality
  • Structure improvements for better rooting depth
  • Soil water infiltration improvements and increased water holding capacity

These 3 factors play a major role in achieving crop resilience, crop performance and crop quality.

Stimulating Soil Productivity

Petrik biostimulants are formulated to maximise the health of your soil. By stimulating the soil health mechanism we influence production on every level - from plant health and crop performance through to quality, yield and productivity advantages including better moisture utilisation.

Infield Experience

With over 20 years of infield results Petrik Soil Technology is leading the way in biological science in Australia soils:

  • Increasing rooting depth and water holding capacity giving resilience in drier years.
  • Increasing system robustness for season fluctuations.
  • Improving nutrient availability and uptake.
  • Better managing plant disease through reduced stress increased biological diversity and improved nutrient uptake.

How Soils Become Depleted

Agriculture puts soil plant interaction systems under pressure ranging from intensive cropping, compaction and lack of diversity in the system. Over time the biological foundations have not been kept in balance to counteract the impact of agriculture and hence we commonly see declines in soil fertility and structure decline.

In Australia most soils under agricultural conditions need biological balancing to counter the impact of agriculture.

The story of decreasing yields despite increasing inputs is a common theme we hear where paddocks have been extensively farmed. And chemical inputs alone cannot address these system gaps when it is a biological problem in the system.

Optimum plant performance needs biological balance as well as chemical balance.

Petrik Bio-Stimulants - The Benefits

The benefits are far reaching for farmers on both micro and macro levels:

  • improved water infiltration
  • increased soil water holding capacity
  • deeper rooting depth giving system resilience
  • increased nutrient availability
  • improvements in disease management

These factors play out in productivity and profit gains. Ensuring you:

  • access and utilize every drop of water
  • build resilience in your system to better withstand drier months
  • maximize nutrient availability without input wastage
  • achieve higher yield and quality through healthier plant growth

Infield Success in Large Scale Agriculture

Our Soil products are formulated to be effective in large scale farming systems. Over the past 10 years of infield research we understand application methods and conditions to optimize performance of biostimulants. Our partnership with The University of Sydney has allowed us to analyse fundamental changes in the system through DNA sequencing.

The Core Soil Health Products

Our soil products are formulated in laboratories and undergo advanced production processes. They are microbially formulated in closed vat systems ensuring consistency and quality and undergo multiple advanced processing stages.