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Soil Testing

Soil Testing

Petrik Soil Technology is a leader in testing soil quality throughout Australia. We provide growers with unique soil analysis, both on-site and online, providing growers with comprehensive information that transforms the productivity of their soil and crops.

Our unique soil tests evaluate the essential element levels in your soil, giving you vital information for improving crop productivity. Our method of analysis is detailed, comprehensive and provides unique information to growers as it assesses both the absolute and relative element levels in your soil. Importantly, your test also includes a full soil amendment report; with specific recommendations about how you can optimise your soil with specific trace elements and with Petrik Soil Technology. Our lab offers a fast turnaround time - once your soil sample arrives at our lab it is analysed within 5-7 working days.

DIY Online Soil Test
Send your soil samples to our lab and receive a full soil health and amendment report in your email.

For smaller growers and home gardeners we offer a cheap and fast way of having your soil tested.

Order and pay for a DIY online soil test, send your soil samples direct to our lab and, once received, we will send you an agronomist-written soil amendment report to your email inbox within seven business days.

On-Site Consultation
Get a Petrik consultant to visit your farm and perform full farm or problem paddock soil testing.

For larger growers and commercial farming operations, getting a Petrik Soil Technology consultant to visit your property is a more cost effective method of conducting soil tests.

We gather as much information about your operation as we can and provide you with a comprehensive soil amendment report to increase productivity and soil health.

Telephone Consultations
Get a Petrik consultant to call you to discuss possible actions arising from your soil amendment report.

We conduct telephone consultations for growers who want further in-depth advice following their soil tests. This service is ideal if you are a grower who wants or needs specific advice about implementing and tailoring the recommended soil amendments to your specific resources or unique environmental factors.

These are best scheduled after the results of your soil test to plan nutrition programs. Consulting sessions cost $125+GST per hour.