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The Tropical Fruits Program

The tropical fruits program

Our extensive range of products are highly effective in the diverse array of Australian soils and lift performance in all tropical fruit systems.

Robustness is vital in horticultural systems. Our soil and foliar products build plant resilience to disease and robustness to handle weather extremes.

Petrik Soil Technology enables growers to deliver quality produce in high volume, at peak market pricing when crop stress is impacting the general market.

Efficiency improvements and input cost reductions are standout factors. These efficiencies translate to massive input and cost savings.

As Petrik Soil Technology improves the depth of rooting systems, growers notice changes in water efficiency and substantial power saving.

Our approach to nitrogen and phosphorous is a fundamental difference in how we achieve such outstanding results for our growers. As we improve the functionality of your soil, our technology allows us to access natural phosphorous reserves and utilise nature's nitrogen resource - which means we achieve yield increases with lower inputs.

Yield increases are consistently high. Our clients consistently achieve outstanding production results with higher brix and specific gravity. Our technology increases the weight of produce, without increasing volume - this means you achieve weight increases with lower carton packing, resulting in less transport damage too.

Soil Health Products


A microbial soil inoculant
Digestor is a live biological soil inoculant. Its unique combination of multi-strained microbes, fungi and beneficial bacteria build humus, improve soil structure and boost crop performance. It contains species of biology that work in conjunction with both monocot and dicot plants. Digestor is formulated for Horticulture, Orchards and Broadleaf.

Green Manure Plus
Green Manure Plus

The microbial activator
Green Manure Plus is a vital activating blend of kelps and core biological essentials that is applied together with our soil inoculants Digestor or Evergreen. It contains essential “growth food” for microbial proliferation providing vital support during the initial establishment.


Applied at planting to increase germination
HeadStart supports and encourages newly establishing roots, and protects seedlings from the shock of transplanting. HeadStart provides unparalleled support for seed and plant establishment, giving your crop the best start it can get. HeadStart is recommended for use on all crops, turf, grass, pastures and trees.

Foliar Products


A powerful quality and health stimulant
Setbest improves flowering, aids fruit setting and boosts the overall health and sizing. It optimises nutrient availability at critical stages of plant growth and supports root system mycorrhizal colonies. Setbest builds plant resilience, helps plants recover from damage and is highly effective in all crop types.


Stimulates growth and provides trace elements
Response provides plant available nutrients and organic compounds in a biological multi-minerals blend of kelp, microbially processed plant and root material. This highly effective plant stimulant can be applied as a foliar or soil applied, in all types of cropping.


Provides essential nutrition during stress periods
Rescue is a powerful foliar that provides essential stimulus during periods of plant stress. It has been formulated with vital nutrients that plants need to recover and regenerate from damage caused by incidents such as frost, drought, wind, hail and herbicide overspray - and can be applied immediately after any environmentally stressful event.

Impulse Foliars
Impulse mineral foliars

Rapid uptake of nutrients
Impulse Mineral Foliars supply plants with a highly available form of minerals to increase crop performance or enable rapid recovery from mineral deficiency. Contain biologically complexed minerals combined with microbially digested plant material. This combination provides maxiumum mineral uptake and unsurpassed bio-availability for the plant, meaning smaller amounts of the total mineral content have a greater effect.