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The Broadacre Program

The Broadacre Program

Our broadacre program has produced trophy crops for growers in Australia. Advanced products together with advanced agronomy is giving Australian growers robust and resilient crops.

In drier years and years of environmental stress, Petrik crops stand out with greater environmental resilience. Our advanced products transform broadacre plant performance in four significant ways:

  • Increase nutrient availability and accessibility.
  • Increase legume performance and nodulation.
  • Improve rooting depth, water stress resistance and recovery.
  • Increase disease resistance and environmental resilience.

The Broadacre Products

The key products we use on broadacre crops are Evergreen, Digestor, Green Manure Plus and HeadStart.

EVERGREEN is a live soil amendment of powerful soil building inoculants that is a unique combination of microbes, fungi and bacteria. Unlike others on the market it is uniquely produced in closed vats systems and has a long shelf life, meaning that you can achieve repeatable results.


DIGESTOR contains beneficial microbes tailored to enhance legume and diacot performance. It replaces Evergreen in liquid injection systems.


GREEN MANURE PLUS contains vital elements to support microbial activity and create synergistic links between plants and microbiology.

Green Manure Plus

HEADSTART is a powerful seed and root stimulant. it provides vigour during the progression from germination to emergence and stimulates root growth.


Applying Soil Products

There are several application options for Petrik Soil Technology products depending on your situation.

  1. Liquid injection on planters. This places the inoculum right in contact with the seed and first root growth. This system is ideal for introducing Headstart, a germination and root growth promotion agent in with the Evergreen or Digestor and Green Manure Plus.
  2. Application over manure as spread. If manure is being used in the production system we can apply the humifying inoculum to the manure as it leaves the belt.
  3. Application over organic matter as incorporated. We have had significant results applying over organic matter such as crop residues, cover crops or pre-spread manure as they are lightly harrowed.
  4. Boom spray with light rain or heavy dew. Without placement in the soil or incorporation Petrik Soil Technology can be effectively introduced by wetting into the soil surface.

Your Petrik agronomist will assist you in deciding the best application method based on your environment and available resources.