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The Pasture Program

The Pasture Program

Our pasture program optimises pasture performance through transforming soil health, soil structure and soil nutrient availability. When you improve the soil nutrient supply the performance of pasture lifts.

The Petrik Pasture Program includes the application of advanced biological soil inoculants that directly impact pasture performance in four specific ways:

  • Increase dry matter yield and profit.
  • Improve pasture quality and palatability.
  • Increase legume performance and nodulation.
  • Improve pasture recovery time and long term health.

The Pasture Products

Our unique products Evergreen and Green Manure Plus are central to our Pasture Program.

EVERGREEN is a live soil amendment of powerful soil building inoculants that is a unique combination of microbes, fungi and bacteria.

Unlike others on the market it is uniquely produced in closed vats systems and has a long shelf life, meaning that you can achieve repeatable results.

GREEN MANURE PLUS contains vital elements to support microbial activity and create synergistic links between plants and microbiology.