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Biolator Biolator More Details...

Petrik Soil Technology's Biolator is used for chelation and solubisation of minerals to increase their availability and usability in foliar and soil applications. Biolator is the ideal additive to all hard water when using phosphates, especially when injecting into irrigation systems, as it prevents spray tips from clogging, and also dissolves and keeps calcium phosphates solubised.


CompoStar CompoStar More Details...

During the composting process CompoStar (L) enhances the microbes that will quickly change the ammoniacal nitrogen into organic forms. Thus keeping the nitrogen loss to a minimum, releasing phosphorous and creating quality humic fractions.


HeadStart HeadStart More Details...

Petrik Soil Technology's HeadStart is a multi-function material applied at planting to increase seed germination and root development.


HydroBoost HydroBoost More Details...

Petrik's HydroBoost is the ultimate spreader/penetrant for foliar nutrient applications. HydroBoost employs a revolutionary technology to achieve complete surface coverage and effective penetration of foliar sprays. HydroBoost is specifically designed for spreading of spray solutions and for ultra-fast penetration, ensuring that applied nutrients will be pulled into the leaf.